Services & Products


Utility & Asset Management

  • World-renowned reputation for efficient and effective utility management. 
  • Successfully completed a multitude of overseas management services contracts.
  • Projects include multi-year, comprehensive utility management contracts.
  • Projects encompass generation, transmission, distribution, and commercial operations for clients around the world.

Consulting & Advisory

  • Incorporate actual operating experience into consulting and advisory services.
  • Competent and first-class partner in the delivery of reliable consulting and advisory services, in all aspects of electricity and natural gas delivery and use.

Training & Capacity Building

  • Customized programs may be provided onsite, within Manitoba Hydro’s state of the art training facilities, or through MHI’s online learning centre, MHI Academy.
  • Training programs are based on extensive technical and commercial expertise in all aspects of utility operations.
  • Power system training courses on wind integration, HVDC (LCC and VSC), switching and insulation coordination, and sub-synchronous resonance (SSR) are available, which include practical case studies and interactive workshops to aid in each client’s understanding.

Engineering & Construction Management

  • Expertise in all aspects of electric and gas utility system engineering and construction management.
  • Vast team of qualified engineers and technical support staff with many years of collective experience, in all aspects of utility systems and related infrastructure.
  • Oversight and management of engineering, procurement, and construction for all aspects of utility operations.
  • Environmental monitoring to collect environmental data to assess the ecological effect of HVDC transmission lines. Consulting in HVDC transmission including design, implementation, and commissioning. 
  • High voltage construction and maintenance services including project and contract management, design, and material procurement.

Energy Monitoring & Wearable Technologies

  • Energy Edge is a customizable, online energy monitoring program that provides valuable insight into your organization’s energy usage and overall operations.
  • Utilizing the latest in metering technology, Energy Edge provides real-time data on interactive dashboards accessible from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.  
  • Wearable Technology Solutions connects the frontline workforce with the appropriate subject matter experts to improve operational efficiencies and mitigate human errors.  
  • Wearable Technology Solutions allows workers to geo-tag assets for data inventory and GIS integration, and displays precise augmented reality for real-time, line of sight inspections.

Transmission Line Design, Modelling, & Analysis

  • Proven transmission line design solutions including complete bill of materials and construction-ready design packages.
  • Utilizes industry leading engineering expertise, coupled with LiDAR technology and PLS-CADD software, to create 3D as-built models of a utility’s transmission line.  
  • Provides electrical utilities with detailed vegetation reports supporting utility management activities to meet the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) compliance requirements.  
  • Provides utilities with thermal rating reports illustrating the maximum safe operating temperature of the conductor.  
  • Proven upgrade solutions including complete cost benefit analysis and feasibility study.

Telecommunication Services

  • Utilizing Manitoba Hydro’s telecommunications infrastructure, customers can create networking solutions around the province.
  • Wide area networks can connect offices, schools, hospitals, or Internet providers to new markets.  
  • Data centre colocation provides organizations a stable and secure secondary location to house IT infrastructure.
  • Delivers dedicated Internet access to large organizations around Manitoba using the Manitoba Hydro fibre optic network and other telecommunications partners.

Planning, Operation, & Design

  • Long-term and operational planning studies including power flow, short circuit, and dynamic simulations using PSS/E™, DigSilent™, and DSA Tools™.
  • HVDC transmission engineering at all stages of the project, from planning and conceptualization to simulation studies, specification development, bid evaluation and supplier negotiations, design reviews, factory acceptance testing (FAT), commissioning, and operation and maintenance.
  • Procurement, operation, maintenance, and failure analysis of AC and DC equipment including specification development, pre-commissioning, commissioning, life assessments, as well as failure and root cause analysis.
  • Long-term generation and transmission planning including power flow, short circuit, and dynamic simulations using PSS/E™, DigSilent™, DSA Tools™, and generation planning tools.

High Voltage Testing

  • Provides robust, quality assurance test programs in association with Manitoba Hydro’s High Voltage Test Facility.
  • Tests a wide variety of high voltage electrical equipment and materials in accordance with IEEE, American National Standards Institute (ANSI), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards.

Electromagnetic Transient Studies

  • Development and validation of models in PSCAD™/EMTDC™, including custom model development and models for specialized applications, such as HVDC (conventional and VSC), FACTS devices, wind, and photovoltaics.
  • Electromagnetic transient studies using PSCAD™/EMTDC™ including insulation coordination and TRV (transient recovery voltage); specialized studies in HVDC and FACTS; and studies associated with renewable energy integration and distributed generation, power quality, and protection.


Ice Vision


  • Direct Current Line Fault Location System (read more)


  • Power System Transient Simulation Software (read more)

MHI Academy

  • Comprehensive classroom and online training tool including technical and management courses (read more)


  • Augmented Reality platform, designed with a utility perspective, to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety on the front line.

High Voltage Padmount Transformer (HVPT)

  • Costing up to 50 per cent less than a traditional substation, HVPTs are an innovative alternative. 
  • Small footprint, shorter commissioning time, and aesthetically pleasing design make it an ideal choice for any residential, commercial, or industrial site.

Portable Outdoor Distribution Station (PODS)

  • Fully integrated and factory tested substation on a skid.
  • Portability makes it the perfect solution for emergency and temporary power requirements.