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MHI provides leading innovative solutions to customers across the energy, communications, and technology sector. As a subsidiary of one of Canada’s most highly regarded energy utilities, Manitoba Hydro, we are proud to bring over a century’s worth of utility-best-practice experience and our global expertise to every customer we serve.

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HVPTs — A Simplified Solution

These efficient, cost-effective, and self-contained units reduce the environmental carbon footprint of a traditional substation.


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PSCAD V5 — Now Available

Explore the world's most advanced tool for power systems EMT simulations.

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A Successful Switch to Virtual Training in Nigeria

Originally meant to be an in-person training initiative, the move to a virtual training program has allowed us to provide training and capacity building seminars to a much larger audience. 

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More Renewable Energy for Nepal

The river diversion at the Tanahu hydropower project in central Nepal was successfully initiated in November 2023. Tractebel’s hydro experts play a key role in this landmark project.

As published on tractobel-engie.com on December 19, 2023

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