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  • Afghanistan — Commercialization of A Utility

    MHI conducted a due diligence study of a utility's distribution network and associated operation and maintenance. MHI used the information from this study to develop a commercialization contract and a request for proposal for a commercial operations management company.
  • Afghanistan — Service Improvement Program

    MHI provided advisory services to the government public works organization. MHI completed 6 studies and sent 2 full-time specialists to provide advisory services in utility management and commercial revenue.
  • Africa — Due Diligence Review of Generation and Distribution Assets

    MHI reviewed and provided advisory services on a number of generation assets and a distribution company, which were offered for sale internationally. The reviews covered all required due diligence areas including financial analysis, asset valuation, high-level condition assessment, potential returns, and risk assessment.
  • Africa — Prepaid Metering Analysis

    MHI assisted a client in preparing a report for an international agency, describing the use of prepayment meters in developing countries.
  • Australia — Tasmania to Victoria HVDC Inter-connector BOT Project

    MHI provided consulting services as project engineer to produce a technical design review report.
  • Australia — Wind Model Development

    The project involved the development of the PSCAD/EMTDC wind models. The information was provided in the form of PSS/E models and documentation and equipment technical specifications for this task. The developed models were tested for accuracy by comparing the dynamic response results with PSS/E simulation results and site measurements.
  • Balkan States of Eastern Europe — Collections and Commercial Losses

    MHI reviewed the processes and procedures for collection activities within commercial operations while identifying opportunities for improvement. MHI trained field connection and disconnection crews and led a successful pilot program of customer interaction and enforcement.
  • Balkan States of Eastern Europe — Electrical System Technical Support Project

    MHI provided energy sector services to the post-conflict Balkan States and assisted in restoring and further enhancing regional cooperation. MHI developed and implemented strategies for further development of electrical systems.
  • Balkan States of Eastern Europe — Electrical System Technical Support Project — Regulatory and Tariff Study Tour

    MHI hosted a client’s staff from Albania in Winnipeg, Canada, for a 14-day tour of Manitoba’s energy utility. The study tour focused on regulatory concepts using in-setting rates.
  • Bangladesh — Electricity Sector Performance Improvement Workshop

    Bangladesh underwent a process of power sector reform to unbundle the local power development Board and corporatize the successor’s entities. At the workshop, MHI presented an overview of its experience with management contracts, operation and maintenance contracts, and other forms of management assistance.
  • Benin — Management Services Contract

    MHI is conducting a four-year management services contract for the national utility primarily responsible for the distribution and commercialization of energy throughout the country.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina — Creation of Financial Management Information Systems

    MHI provided direction for the creation and use of enterprise resource planning systems for an energy utility. MHI performed an analysis for financial management, information systems, and developing request for proposal (RFP) documents.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina — Electric Power III Reconstruction

    MHI’s project included the evaluation of the distribution system onsite, including distribution feeders and distribution stations. MHI developed a detailed plan for continuing to rehabilitate and strengthen the bulk transmission system and distribution networks.
  • Brazil — Energy Efficiency Technology Transfer

    The project contributed to Brazil’s energy efficiency program by transferring MHI’s knowledge and experience in energy efficiency, marketing, and technology.
  • Canada — Capacity Building in Hydropower development

    MHI advised an energy utility on capacity building and the development of hydroelectric generation alternatives to replace existing diesel generation.
  • Canada — Consulting Services

    MHI provided expert engineering support with the implementation of the HVDC link, including review and evaluation of technical reports, study outlines, tests, and other tasks. In addition, MHI conducted a training course in PSCAD™/EMTDC™ to utility engineers.
  • Canada — Control Centre Display Screen Development

    MHI led a team of 5 programmers, whose task was to program the display for British Columbia’s new electricity transmission company’s control centre.
  • Canada — Cost Analysis of Replacing Diesel Generating Units

    MHI conducted a comprehensive study for a provincial government to analyze the feasibility and cost of replacing a number of diesel generating units with natural gas-fired generators.
  • Canada — Diesel Generating Station Project

    MHI provided regular and emergency maintenance services for a diesel generating station.
  • Canada — Distribution Planning Assistance

    MHI provided a distribution planning course to employees from a Northwest Territories power company.
  • Canada — Electric 500-kV Line Maintenance Tools and Work Methods

    MHI created methods and safe work procedures for newly constructed AC/DC (alternating current/ direct current) lines. MHI trained staff and provided project management and advisory services for the procurement of tools for line maintenance.
  • Canada — Engineering Services

    MHI provided engineering services to the construction of the Cat Lake power line.
  • Canada — Fire Protection Assessment

    MHI assessed the fire protection systems in use at the spillway gatehouse control building structures at seven generating stations in British Columbia. The assessment identified the condition and adequacy of current systems. MHI recommended improvements required to bring the systems up to National Fire Protection Association codes and standards.
  • Canada — Governor Training

    MHI provided servicing support and training to staff from a power company in the Northwest Territories on the maintenance of Woodward Governors.
  • Canada — Interconnected Electrical System Generation Expansion

    MHI reviewed and reported on 2 generation expansion alternatives for the Island of Newfoundland.
  • Canada — IT Review Component

    As part of a larger contract involving financial, human resource, and technological assistance, MHI reviewed an energy utility’s information technology environment in Nunavut.
  • Canada — Live Line Program Review

    MHI reviewed an energy utility’s Live Line Program, including roles and responsibilities, health and safety, training, and personal protective equipment in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Canada — Load Forecasting Services

    MHI reviewed the client’s current information collection and forecasting capabilities.
  • Canada — Network Management System Design

    MHI designed a network management system for an energy utility in Ontario.
  • Canada — Power Transformer Repair Facilities Database

    MHI developed an electronic database of power transformer repair facilities in North America. Utilities use this database to identify the facilities that meet their specific repair requirements.
  • Canada — Powertrain Operator Training

    MHI provided training for 36 power plant operators from an electric utility in Nova Scotia. The training consisted of adjusting megawatt and megavar loading, operating and isolating station service, voltage and frequency control, and power system stability.
  • Canada — Review of Hydropower Feasibility Studies

    MHI assisted an energy utility to review the work of international consultants on hydropower feasibility studies in Nunavut.
  • Canada — Risk Management Strategies — Natural Gas Distribution System

    MHI conducted an analysis of a natural gas distribution company’s steel and low-pressure pipeline system in the Halifax Regional Municipality. MHI recommend reinforcement options and solutions.
  • Canada — Stores/Purchasing Operations Improvement Program

    MHI assisted a power company in the Northwest Territories to identify improvements for its purchasing processes and store's inventory control.
  • Canada — Substation Project

    As a subcontractor, MHI performed soil resistivity measurements at a substation in Northern Ontario. This assignment was part of the substation extension and rehabilitation project.
  • Canada — Transmission Line Design

    MHI reviewed designs and provided engineering services for the completion of transmission line design.
  • Canada — Transmission Line Options Study

    MHI assessed DC (direct current) transmission technologies applied to upgrade the major transmission of the Alberta interconnected electric system.
  • Canada — Update and Expansion of Current Natural Gas Costs of Conversion Study

    A provincial government required an update and expansion to a previously performed technical and economic analysis. MHI updated the gas conversion model to include lateral community options, depressurization, and metering facilities. MHI expanded the model to 10 new communities in the Northwest Territories.
  • Canada — Work Management Systems

    MHI assisted to formalize the process of managing the operation and maintenance of an energy corporation’s transmission and generation assets in the Yukon.
  • Cape Verde — Electricity Transmission and Distribution Network Development Project

    MHI worked to condition the transmission and distribution system, rehabilitate the protection relay, and strengthen and increase the power supply to improve reliability. The project aimed to provide electricity to non-electrified or newly developing areas, contributing to economic and social development in the islands of Cape Verde.
  • Central America — Regional Electrical Energy Project

    MHI assisted in the reform of the electrical sector in 6 Central American countries. The overall concept was to encourage the adoption of regional actions, cooperation, and planning to achieve improved access to electricity.
  • Central America — Regional Electrical Energy Project — Gender Equity, Human Rights, Discrimination, and Harassment Component

    MHI provided training to address gender equity and employment system review processes, human rights and respectful workplace policies, and harassment and discrimination investigations and protocols.
  • Chile — HVDC and HVAC Feasibility Study

    MHI performed a feasibility study for the SIC and SING +/- 500 kV 1,500-MW North Central HVDC power interconnection or the equivalent 500 KVAC transmission system with reactive compensation. The study included interconnection benefits, system requirements, HVDC transmission line requirements, converter station requirements, CAPEX, Cost of Operation, Maintenance and Administration (COMA), and background on the new HVDC technology Voltage Source Converters (VSC).
  • Chile — Risk Identification and Mitigation — Cost of Operation and Maintenance

    MHI conducted a risk identification and mitigation study and determined the operation and maintenance activities and costs for the project. MHI identified risks associated with the operation of the HVDC (high-voltage direct current) system.
  • Chile — Short-Circuit Level Decrease in Substations of the Central Interconnected System

    The objective of this project was to find the most efficient alternative so that existing or future high voltage breakers would not have to be replaced during their lifetime, due to overcoming breaking capacity. MHI assessed the existing technological alternatives to reduce short-circuit levels.
  • Chile — Update Technical and Economic Background for Interconnection Line Project

    MHI updated information in a technical and economic analysis. The analysis provided information for the recommendation of the interconnection of Chile’s two main electricity grids through a transmission line.
  • China — HVDC Project — Performance Testing Services

    As a subcontractor, MHI provided HVDC (high-voltage direct current) engineering services for dynamic performance testing for the project. Testing was performed using RTDS (real-time digital simulators) and HVDC controls.
  • China — Professional Services Agreement Regarding Assembly Supervision

    MHI supervised the fabrication, inspections, and testing of a 3-phase shifting/load tap changing transformer.
  • China — Qinshan Candu Reactor Project

    MHI performed concrete inspections for a nuclear power company in China.
  • China — Strategic Energy Planning Project

    This project included the creation of state power corporations and a rural energy component. As part of the state power component, MHI planned for the 4 provincial systems to meet the recently established air emission regulations, particularly the acid rain gas emissions. As part of the rural energy component, MHI trained staff from Beijing and 4 southern Chinese provinces on energy demand analysis.
  • Costa Rica — Regional Electricity Energy Project — Demand Side Management

    The objective of this project was to assist the client to integrate and implement a wide-scale Demand Side Management (DSM) initiative, as part of the total power resource planning process. MHI trained staff in all aspects of DSM to ensure knowledge transfer and provided them with tools to manage and further develop their DSM initiative. MHI customized the training program to suit the Costa Rican market and culture.
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo — Acceptance Study of a 300-MW Gas Fire Generating Facility

    MHI performed a technical audit of natural gas-fired power generation facilities. The comprehensive technical audit covered the conformity of the installed facilities to the original specifications, with a focus on quality, quantity, and performance.
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo — Evaluation Hydroelectric Plants I and II

    MHI evaluated the operation and maintenance of Hydroelectric Plants I and II. MHI implemented new processes and procedures to support these improvements and provided training to maintenance staff.
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo — Management and Technical Advisory Services

    MHI provided management and technical advisory services to a utility in the DRC. MHI’s main objectives were to implement the emergency recovery plan of the utility and strengthen its capacity. MHI was responsible for providing support and advisory services to the client’s directors in key areas, relating to management and technical aspects of a performing utility.
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi — Advisory Services For Regional Hydroelectric Project

    As a subconsultant, MHI provided project advisory services to an organization in connection with the development of the Ruzizi III Regional Hydroelectric Project. This project involved the construction of a new sub-regional hydroelectric plant in the Ruzizi River.
  • Denmark — Insulation Coordination Study for the 150 kV Cable Project

    The client was replacing a significant number of overhead transmission lines with underground cables. MHI was contracted to perform transient studies to identify equipment ratings and potential network resonance conditions that may cause operational issues in the system.
  • Egypt — Financial Planning Model I & II

    An electricity authority company was divided into a central agency and holding company for 7 newly created, regional electric companies. Various new financial management and planning functions were created in preparation for these companies to be privatized. MHI delivered detailed financial information to potential international investors. This project included the creation of a new financial planning role in each company.
  • Egypt — Transmission Maintenance Training Project

    The primary goal of the project was to establish a functional training institute for engineers and technicians. All courses were developed according to established performance-based training practices.
  • El Salvador — Regional Electrical Energy Project — System Control Component

    The objective of this project was to define the operational procedures to coordinate transmission outages and operation procedures between the control centres. MHI provided guidance to the grid control centre to develop a system restoration procedure for recovery from a system collapse.
  • Finland — FACE HVDC Calculations

    MHI analyzed the field and corona effects for the HVDC (high-voltage direct current) overhead transmission line between Rauma and Rihtneima.
  • Germany — Line Fault Locator Training Services

    Manitoba Hydro developed a commercially available DC (direct current) Line Fault Locator (LFL) used by utilities that have DC transmission lines as part of their grid. MHI trained a company in Germany that installs these units on many of the DC transmission line systems. This training included a system overview, concepts, setup and configurations, tower file setup, installation, and pre-commissioning. 
  • Ghana — Assessment of Training Programs

    MHI assessed the technician engineer training program and recommended an action plan, which would improve the capacity of the personnel at a local energy company’s generation plants.
  • Ghana — Hydropower Engineer Training

    MHI hosted and trained a hydropower engineer from a local electric energy company.
  • Ghana — Hydropower Rehabilitation Training

    MHI hosted 7 hydropower electromechanical engineers to provide intensive hands-on training in hydropower rehabilitation. The training occurred at Manitoba Hydro’s Pine Falls Generating Station on the Winnipeg River, where 3 of 6 units were re-runnered and up-rated.
  • Guyana — Management Strengthening Program

    As a component of the Power Utility Upgrade Program, MHI is providing management strengthening, training, and coaching services to a local energy utility.
  • Honduras — Supervision of the Distribution Loss Recovery Project

    The Government of Honduras and other stakeholders have decided to split distribution and energy commercialization from the national electric energy company and start a 7-year managing service contract with an investment component. As the project supervisor, MHI is overseeing and reporting on the main activities of the operator.
  • Honduras/Nicaragua — Hurricane Mitch Recovery Consultancy Services

    MHI provided assistance in the provision of specifications and procurement services for structures, hardware, and conductors to rebuild the distribution and transmission facilities in Honduras and Nicaragua. 
  • India — Capacity Enhancement and Training

    MHI assisted a government and an electricity board in addressing the reform and restructuring of the electricity sector, as generation was opened up to competition and regulation was introduced. MHI provided capacity building and training.
  • India — Consultancy Services for ±320 kV 2X1,000 MW Puglur-Trichur VSC HVDC Project

    MHI has been appointed the owner's engineer for the first transmission-level VSC project in India.
  • India — Development of a Code of Technical Interface

    MHI performed 1 of a 9-part project to restructure the power sector in the state of Andhra Pradesh. MHI’s function was to develop a Code of Technical Interface for use after the restructuring.
  • India — Energy Sector Restructuring Projects

    MHI assisted with 4 projects throughout several state utilities in India. The project objectives were to strengthen the capacity needed to participate and engage in the reform process. MHI provided mid and senior level management with first-hand knowledge and experience in the governance, management, and operations of modern effective and efficient utilities.
  • India — Grid Operations and Management Training

    As a subcontractor, MHI developed and delivered a customized training program for senior staff from a statutory organization in the areas of utility system operations and performance.
  • India — Internal Hydro Generation Capabilities Building

    As a subcontractor, MHI assisted a power company to improve its internal capabilities to manage its growing hydropower business. MHI identified critical practices for the development and operations of hydro projects and provided benchmarking against other efficient hydro utilities.
  • India — Metering Expertise

    MHI examined the metering shop processes and facilities at 3 locations in India (Bhopal, Indore, and Jabalpur). MHI recommended how the state electricity board could improve their quality of work, test facilities, and efficiency.
  • India — Power Generating Utility Study Tours

    MHI hosted a delegation of 7 engineers from a power generating utility for a tour of Manitoba Hydro’s facilities and a meeting with their Canadian counterparts. The trip included visits to generating stations located on the Nelson River and Manitoba Hydro Place.
  • India — Power Quality Training

    MHI provided power quality training services to a state electricity board at 3 locations (Bhopal, Raipur, and Jabalphur). The training included basics of power quality, types of power quality issues (excessive harmonics, voltage flicker, and poor voltage control), causes of degradation, tools for monitoring power quality, and mitigation actions to enhance power quality.
  • India — Restructuring of Training and Distribution Profit Centres

    MHI assisted a state electricity board in Kerala to restructure and reorganize into transmission, distribution, and generation profit centres.
  • India — Review of Human Resources Components

    MHI worked with a diverse team to accomplish a state electricity board’s numerous human resources (HR) initiatives in Madhya Pradesh. An objective of the HR component was to develop appropriate management structures for the officer level employees in the new entities and identify short and long-term HR needs of the new sectors.
  • India — Utility Operations and Hydro Power Development Study Tour

    Manitoba Hydro was chosen as an example of a world-class hydropower development and utility operations company. MHI hosted staff from a power corporation in Himachal Pradesh for a study tour of Manitoba Hydro. The team visited a generation construction site and existing generation, training, and control facilities.
  • India — Utility Restructuring

    MHI assisted in strengthening a state electricity board’s capacity to participate and engage in the reform process in Madhya Pradesh. MHI provided mid and senior level management with first-hand knowledge and experience in the governance, management, and operations of modern effective and efficient utilities.
  • India, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan — Asia Sub-regional Economic Cooperation Cross-border Power Trade Development through New Transmission Interconnections

    The main objectives of this project included the development of a Regional Transmission Master Plan. The project also outlined a Regional Generation Plan, taking into account available national generation plans, expanding on the plans, and considering both renewable and non-renewable resource availability.
  • Indonesia — Assessment of Borneo Power Interconnections

    MHI conducted feasibility studies to identify interconnection options to facilitate interisland and offshore power trading between neighbouring grids in Southeast Asia.
  • Jamaica — Audit of Metering and Customer Information System

    MHI conducted an audit of an integrated electric utility company’s metering and customer information systems for all rate classes. The purpose of the audit was to determine how accurately the company was metering, recording data, billing, and reporting for all rate classes.
  • Jamaica — Loss Reduction Program

    MHI assisted an integrated electric utility company’s staff in reducing technical and non-technical losses in its customer metering areas.
  • Jamaica — Preparation of New Regulations and Tariff Options for Renewable Energy and Alternative Energy Sources

    MHI analyzed and presented international best practices and made recommendations to support the preparation of new regulations and tariff methodologies for Renewable Energy (RE) and Alternative Energy (AE) sources.
  • Jamaica — Rural Electrification Project Program

    This project was executed for the Rural Electrification Program, on behalf of an integrated electric utility company in Jamaica. MHI reviewed all aspects of design, tendering, material procurement, construction and inspection, progress payments, and commissioning.
  • Kazakhstan — Electricity Transmission Rehabilitation Project

    MHI provided technical engineering assistance to conduct the major rehabilitation of the Kazakhstan electrical transmission grid. Part of the scope was the rehabilitation of 63 substations and the replacement of all relay protection schemes.
  • Kenya — Information Technology Review Component

    MHI conducted a complete review of an electricity transmission and distribution company’s information technology (IT) function, as part of its management contract. Review of the IT function included hardware, software, networking, FMIS/ERP (financial management information system / Enterprise Resource Planning), billing, and training/support functions. MHI provided both short and long-term recommendations for the client’s IT environment.
  • Kenya — Turn-Around Management Contract

    MHI assumed complete management authority for this 850,000-customer electric utility. MHI performed various studies aimed at identifying and implementing improvements in operations management and the organization’s technical capacity.
  • Korea — Underground Distribution Training Session

    MHI provided a 10-day underground distribution training session.
  • Lesotho — Operations and Maintenance Management Services

    MHI mobilized operation and management specialists to organize and secure resources and staffing for the operation and maintenance of the hydroelectric generating station and water transfer scheme.
  • Lesotho — SAP Post Implementation Coordination Manager

    MHI supplied financial management systems expertise to manage the implementation of SAP, and to set up the organizational structure for the ongoing support of the operational system.
  • Liberia — Electricity System Restoration and Off-grid Electrification

    MHI developed distribution construction standards, maps, drawings, and specifications for Monrovia, along with other assessments and reports.
  • Liberia — Fast Tracked Electric Utility Operations Training Program

    MHI delivered a technical and non-technical training program to staff at the electrical utility in Liberia. MHI designed 16 courses that included classroom and field training. All courses were comprehensively developed and tailored to meet the specific needs of the utility, and technical and non-technical operations.
  • Liberia — Management and Staffing of the Project Implementation Unit

    MHI is managing the implementation of the reconstruction program a hydropower plant. As manager of the Project Implementation Unit, MHI is ensuring that hydropower plant is reconstructed in a technically sound manner, to meet budget targets and deadlines throughout 2 phases (procurement of contracts and construction).
  • Liberia — Management Services Contract

    Working with the electrical utility, MHI was the operator for a management contract in Monrovia. In addition to day to day management services, MHI conducted engineering, procurement, and construction works. MHI worked to substantially improve the operating, commercial, customer service, and financial performance of the utility.
  • Liberia — Training Contract

    MHI provided a comprehensive training program that covered the technical and business skill requirements of the regional energy utility.
  • Macedonia — Organization Development and Corporate Strategic Planning

    MHI assisted in creating a transmission system and electricity market operating company, as part of the overall electricity sector restructuring taking place in Macedonia.
  • Malaysia — Operational Review

    As a subconsultant, MHI provided an operational review of the Bakun Hydroelectric project analyzing training and staffing plans, generation plans, and outage plans.
  • Mexico — Revision of HVDC Converter Station and Transmission Line Specifications

    As part of the larger development of an HVDC (high-voltage direct current) transmission line in Mexico, MHI conducted a comparison to international best practices for HVDC transmission systems specifications.
  • Moldova — Technical Assistance for Capacity Building in Electrical Safety

    MHI assisted a government body in its efforts to reduce the number and severity of electrical accidents among utility employees and the public. MHI developed an electrical safety program.
  • Mongolia — Demonstration Project for Improved Electricity Services

    MHI supplied services relating to the design and construction supervision of a Single Wire Earth Return distribution system. This endeavour represented a pilot project in which 9 bag centres were electrified over 17 months.
  • Mongolia — Market Demand Study

    MHI assisted in preparing a market demand study to assess the sustainable energy investment potential in Mongolia. The study provided information on how to design and implement successful market-based financing mechanisms for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in Mongolia.
  • Mozambique — Assistance and Monitoring

    MHI is providing operational support and monitoring for a hydropower project. The work includes the provision of engineering, management, and training services to the generation and HVDC (high-voltage direct current) transmission line operations of the utility.
  • Mozambique — Due Diligence Study and HVDC Scheme Operations and Expansion

    A Hydroelectric Generation Station required a comprehensive review of the company, covering its technical and operational status. MHI completed field audit work, and prepared and delivered reports on the technical matters arising from the due diligence of the company.
  • Nepal — Advisory Support to Improve Readiness for Hydropower Preparation

    Following the earthquakes of April 2015, the Government of Nepal completed a post-disaster needs assessment. The earthquake damages highlighted the need to update and enhance dam safety design standards, and operation and maintenance practices. The activity involved reviewing the damage assessment reports, and safety practices and standards for operating hydropower generation facilities in Nepal. MHI’s role included hydrological, geotechnical, and environmental work.
  • Nepal — Financial Training Study Tour

    As part of the Nepal Electricity Authority Institutional Strengthening Project, MHI trained senior staff from a generator and distributor of electric power in financial planning and practices. MHI developed and delivered a customized training program.
  • Nepal — Project Supervision Consultant

    As a partner firm, MHI is assisting in overseeing the construction contractor selection, construction supervision, and operation and maintenance supervision of a hydroelectric power plant.
  • Nicaragua — Energy Rehabilitation

    MHI provided training in the use of equipment, line maintenance, and construction methods. The objective of this project was to rehabilitate the electrical distribution system and provide material and equipment to facilitate rehabilitation.
  • Nigeria — Implementation of Prepaid Metering Systems

    With a goal of improving revenue streams within the distribution zone, MHI was responsible for the installation and ongoing management of 135,000 prepaid meters. MHI supported vending, management, and communications infrastructure and software.
  • Nigeria — Management Contract

    MHI assumed the management responsibility and control of a transmission company’s entire operations. The primary positions of the operation included the 3 functions of Market Operator (MO), System Operator (SO), and Transmission Service Provider (TSP). During the term of the contract, MHI reorganized the company, so the TSP became a separate entity from the MO and SO, allowing it to become a commercial company. MHI’s focus was on developing the capability of local personnel.
  • Nigeria — Technical Assessment

    MHI conducted a preliminary technical assessment for a government of the State of Kano. MHI assessed the technical feasibility and practicality of installing hydroelectric generation at 2 existing dams.
  • Nigeria — Training Program

    MHI developed and delivered an extensive training program to staff from an organization governing the use of electricity in Nigeria.
  • Nigeria — Utility Management Services

    MHI assumed management of an organization’s commercial operations in the cities of Kano, Port Harcourt, and Aba. The organization governs the use of electricity in Nigeria. The RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) project produced a number of positive results and included all activities related to commercial operations. MHI was selected as a top-performing contractor in Nigeria and was asked to continue the project for an additional year, with an expanded geographical area.
  • Nile Basin — Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program

    MHI conducted a study on financing and implementation arrangements for regional hydropower generation and multipurpose projects in the Nile Equatorial Lakes Region. Through the analysis, MHI provided additional information and proposals to support the conceptual design and possible development of these projects.
  • Nile Basin — Power Markets Tariff Design and Settlements Training

    MHI designed and delivered power market tariff design and settlements training to system planning experts. The training was focused on equipping participants with the principles, techniques, models, and templates used in power market transmission and generation tariff-design and transaction settlements.
  • Nile Basin — Power System Simulation and Modelling Training

    MHI provided a 5-day power systems simulation/analysis training workshop for power technical committee members. The training focused on power system transmission, planning criteria, emerging technologies, different simulation techniques and tools, detailed planning studies, and applications.
  • North America — Ice Storm Management Seminars

    MHI delivered a workshop on ice storm management after ice storms damaged transmission facilities in Quebec, Ontario, and the Eastern United States.
  • Pakistan — Electric Supply Company Privatization

    MHI performed a technical due diligence study and developed the basis for establishing a bid price for a privatized company. This study included an assessment of current asset value and provided evaluation and strategies associated with disco valuation under various financial and tariff regimes.
  • Pakistan — Feasibility Studies for Hydroelectric Project

    MHI provided technical assistance services to the client, which aimed to strengthen its capacity to carry out the management of the project feasibility study and potential project implementation. MHI advised the client during any potential negotiations with the Government of Pakistan.
  • Pakistan — Operations and Maintenance Audit

    MHI reviewed the operations and maintenance of the New Bong Escape Hydropower Plant through a combination of desktop reviews and research supported by a site visit.
  • Panama — Project Implementation and Operation and Maintenance Services

    MHI provided advisory services to assist with the supervision of detailed feasibility studies. MHI assisted in the award and management of a contract for the construction of the project.
  • Panama — Study and Design of Additional Static Reactive Power Compensators

    MHI performed the study and design of additional static reactive power compensators in substations (Llano Sanchez and Panama II). MHI provided services in electrical studies, engineering and basic design, and preparation of tender and budget documents.
  • Paraguay — Diagnosis of Equipment and Potential Generation Increase

    MHI is performing an integral diagnosis on the condition and operation of the equipment of the Acaray hydroelectric dam, including generation and operating procedures. MHI is providing a strategic investment plan to improve and modernize the dam, considering the possibility of generation increase.
  • Paraguay — Technical and Financial Feasibility Evaluation

    MHI reviewed and evaluated the technical and financial feasibility of two technical proposals for the mechanization of Yguazu Dam.
  • Philippines — Due Diligence of Hydropower Assets

    MHI assisted with the technical (operations and condition assessment) and financial due diligence of hydropower facilities.
  • Philippines — Mindanao Natural Gas Market Development Strategy

    MHI conducted a market development strategy study for the use of natural gas in the Mindanao region. The purpose of the study was to identify and analyze the potential for industrial and commercial uses of gas, and the economic feasibility of supplying these customers with a liquefied natural gas terminal.
  • Qatar — Feasibility Study for Using Compressed Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel

    MHI conducted a comprehensive technical and economic feasibility study for the use of compressed natural gas as a transportation fuel to replace petrol.
  • Romania — Hydropower Study Tour

    MHI hosted engineers for a capacity building exercise in horizontal axis turbines.
  • Rwanda — Sustainable Energy Development Project and Loss Reduction

    MHI conducted a technical and non-technical loss reduction study, in response to a rapidly expanding system. The study resulted in a strategic plan aimed at reducing losses in the short and long-term. MHI thoroughly analyzed and assessed the power generation, transmission, and distribution systems all over the country. MHI identified the source of the losses and provided recommendations for short and long-term losses, using realistic loss reduction targets.
  • SADC Countries — Formation for Southern Africa Power Pool

    MHI provided assistance through short-term consultancy contracts to the member countries of the Southern Africa Power Pool. The scope of the contract was to establish the pool and provide operations training courses and seminars on interconnected operations.
  • SADC Countries — Power Pool Operations Training

    MHI provided training specific to interconnected power system operations for the utilities in the region. The workshops focused on the operating and technical aspects of adopting distributed frequency control for interconnected operations.
  • Saudi Arabia — Downed Line Restoration Training

    MHI developed and conducted a training course for a group of linemen. The project involved the demonstration of safe techniques used to restore downed 380-kV quad bundled transmission lines.
  • Saudi Arabia — Management Consultancy Services

    A joint stock company is responsible for the overall management of the interconnection project encompassing six utilities in the region. MHI assisted in setting up the organizational structure and developing the strategic business plan for the company. MHI developed job descriptions and corresponding salary recommendations for key positions within the newly formed organization.
  • Saudi Arabia — Out of Kingdom Training

    MHI is assisting a Saudi electric utility company to build the capability of participating National Grid Saudi Arabia staff. The objective of this training is for staff to be able to properly perform the work and use the necessary tools and equipment productively, effectively, and safely.
  • Saudi Arabia — System Improvement Project

    The focus of MHI’s initial Operational Performance Improvement Project was to unify operating procedures. MHI’s experienced staff provided guidance to a Saudi electric utility company’s staff. All tasks under the original contract have been completed and new contracts have been signed. MHI’s work is continuing in operations and has expanded into maintenance and other business lines, including distribution and strategic planning.
  • Saudi Arabia — System Operational Planning Studies and Operating Area Interconnection Support

    MHI assisted a company to combine 4 separate regions of the country into 1 company for the whole country. The backbone of the system is a 380-kV AC interconnected network. The final goal was to operate the entire system through a single unified control centre. MHI engineers were involved in a number of different key projects to assist the client in unifying their power network.
  • Saudi Arabia — Transmission Line Switching Studies

    MHI performed switching studies to identify undesirable conditions in the high voltage network due to switching events (including the switching of line end reactors). The project included approximately 25 separate studies at the selected substations.
  • Serbia — Live Line Program Assessment

    MHI assessed the live line program and recommended necessary changes needed to bring the program to acceptable standards.
  • Serbia — Live Line Training

    MHI provided a live line training program to bring lineman qualifications up to acceptable standards.
  • Sierra Leone — Power Quality and Plant Condition Assessment Program

    MHI performed services related to 2 damaged turbines at a hydroelectric plant. MHI conducted a plant inspection and root cause analysis, followed by a review of the electrical plant and power system, and a report on its electrical findings. MHI reviewed the operating model and capacity of the operator.
  • Sierra Leone — Technical Advisory Project

    MHI prepared reports and recommendations on the settlement of outstanding project contractual disputes and the institutional arrangements required to complete the hydropower project and subsequent operations. MHI prepared the financial model to capture project debts, construction completion costs, operating costs, debt service obligations, and all other fixed and variable costs.
  • Slovakia — Creation of Demand Side Management Plan

    MHI examined the feasibility of Demand Side Management (DSM) in Slovakia and prepared terms of reference for a long-range DSM plan. The terms of reference were based on exhaustive consultations with Slovak clients to identify their needs and opportunities.
  • South Africa — HVDC Services

    MHI provided a number of HVDC related services over the course of 2 years (7 projects in total). The services included HVDC pre-commissioning of the Apollo HVDC station, HVDC training, and transmission system analysis modelling.
  • South Africa — HVDC Transmission Handbook

    MHI participated in the development of the HVDC transmission handbook for a South African electricity public utility’s power series books. MHI developed the chapter on operation and maintenance of converter stations. Selected authors, including MHI, were invited to train individuals at an HVDC transmission course in South Africa.
  • South Africa — Live Line Audit

    MHI provided expert advice on live line practices and how to apply them to the HVDC environment. MHI audited a South African electricity public utility’s live line tools and equipment in terms of adequacy for HVDC application.
  • Spain — Wind Interconnection Studies for WildRose 400-MW Wind Integration Project

    MHI performed PSCAD-based EMT studies to support the interconnection of wind generation to the transmission system of the proposed WildRose project. The transmission grid was weak, and the study identified a modification to the wind farm protection and control settings necessary to meet the required overall performance.
  • Sri Lanka — Investigation of Total Failure of the Transmission System

    MHI analyzed the causes of a blackout that occurred in Sri Lanka in September 2015 and provided recommendations to prevent similar issues in the future.
  • Sri Lanka — Power Sector Restructuring Phase II Project

    MHI provided specialist support and assistance for the implementation of the power sector reforms and restructuring.
  • Sri Lanka — Wind Integration Study (300 MW)

    A feasibility study was conducted for integrating renewable resources into the Sri Lankan grid. MHI was consulted to determine the system impacts of integrating up to 300 MW of wind to a grid station in the central region of the country. Load flow and dynamic studies were carried out to identify grid reinforcements to accommodate the wind generation.
  • St. Kitts — Bellevue Wind Project

    MHI assisted a renewable energy company to assess, develop, and implement wind power. The goal of this project was to increase the energy supply to the island helping to improve its current energy shortfalls.
  • Sweden — Evaluation of 70 Hydro Plants

    MHI evaluated 70 hydro sites through the study of 20 selected sites with owners, lenders, and purchasers, to determine the value of the assets.
  • Switzerland — Insulation Coordination in GIS 

    MHI performed Insulation Coordination Studies including SOV, TOV, Lightning and VFTO Studies for a 380 kV GIS station. The study was done to verify the surge arrester capability and insulation strength of the station equipment.
  • Tajikistan — Feasibility Study for the Rehabilitation of Golovnaya Hydroelectric Station

    The Golovnaya Hydropower Plant Rehabilitation Project focused on a comprehensive evaluation and feasibility study, and the preparation of bid packages. MHI contributed services to the project evaluation; rehabilitation plans and feasibility study report; preparation of tender documents; and technical assistance during bidding, evaluation, and contract award.
  • Tajikistan — Sector Operational Performance Improvement Master Plan

    As a subconsultant, MHI provided services to a ministry of energy and water resources and a state power utility in Tajikistan. The project aimed to implement an operational performance improvement program for Tajikistan’s power sector. MHI was responsible for the power sector development portion of the project, which included a sector development master plan and the preparation of new projects. This project included the refurbishment of the 240-MW Golovnaya hydroelectric power plant. MHI provided training for staff in long-term system planning.
  • Tanzania — Construction Supervision, Commissioning, and Operations Management

    This project involved construction supervision, commissioning, and operations management of an 18-MW reciprocating engine generation facility. MHI completed the generation expansion plan to 50 MW, a requirement to meet the projected load growth within the area.
  • Tanzania — Generation and Transmission Feasibility Studies and Implementation

    MHI acted as owner’s engineer for a petroleum company to explore options for the use of Indigenous natural gas supplies for electricity generation. MHI managed the procurement and supervision of feasibility studies focused on a generation facility of approximately 300 MW in the Mtwara region of Southern Tanzania. The studies focused on the transmission requirements to move energy to load centres, including the environmental and social impact assessments.
  • Tanzania — Information Technology Implementation Component

    Under a comprehensive management contract, MHI provided experience in information technology to a new Tanzanian utility company.
  • Tanzania — Interconnection, Construction, and Reimbursement Agreement

    This project was a fast-tracking portion of the larger Mtwara Energy Project. As the prime contractor, MHI was involved in the planning, design, procurement, construction supervision, and commissioning of a northern feeder and town conversion to connect the town of Masasi to the natural gas generation facility in Mtwara.
  • Tanzania — Power System Maintenance Support Project

    MHI assisted in the procurement of project funding and import support funds for the project. MHI developed systems and procedures, which met the objectives of a federal Canadian organization and an energy company in Tanzania.
  • Tanzania — Utility Management Services Contract

    This project involved the creation of a transmission and distribution company from 3 existing isolated grid networks in Southern Tanzania. The project involved the initial corporatization of the government-owned assets under a long-term franchise area lease arrangement. The work included management of the ongoing operation and maintenance of the company, resources, and infrastructure within the franchise area. MHI was responsible for the planning, design, and implementation of a capital program.
  • Timor-Leste (East Timor) — Management Services Contract

    MHI had management authority over the operations of a vertically-integrated energy utility. MHI added directors to the utility’s senior management positions, who were supported by supplementary subject-matter experts.
  • Turkey — Hydroelectric Project

    MHI acted as owner’s engineer for an energy company to conduct a preliminary review of the potential project concept for a 170-MW project. MHI assisted the client in negotiations with an engineering firm on a feasibility study for the project.
  • Turkey — Operation and Maintenance and Capacity Building Projects

    MHI provided capacity building and training services in engineering, procurement, construction management, and operation and maintenance services to 2 new gas distribution licences.
  • Uganda — Billing Metering and Collections Contract

    The main objective of this project was to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of the customer billing system while reducing overall customer accounts receivable. MHI employees were placed in key commercial and information systems positions to allow effective changes to be made in targeted areas. MHI staff assumed the roles of manager, planner, supervisor, coach, trainer, and developer.
  • Uganda — Capacity Building

    MHI provided management services to improve a utility, in the West Nile sub-region of the Northern Region of Uganda, while building the capacity of the permanent staff. MHI nominated subject matter experts to facilitate capacity building in other functional areas including hydropower operation and maintenance, system losses, and load forecasting.
  • Uganda — Implementation of Staff Training Measures for Planning, Operation, and Maintenance

    MHI provided training and capacity building to staff before the commissioning of the Bujagali hydropower project.
  • Uganda — Institutional Training Support Program

    MHI provided training in Uganda and Canada for staff in various disciplines related to electric utility management and operations.
  • Uganda — Live Line Trades Training

    MHI provided live line trades training to a newly formed transmission line maintenance crew at an electricity company. This training consisted of classroom instructions, demonstrations, and hands-on supervised work in energized transmission lines.
  • Uganda — Operations and Maintenance Assessment

    MHI completed an onsite operations and maintenance assessment of the Bujagali hydroelectric facility. The project involved a site visit, documentation review, and the preparation of a final report.
  • Uganda — Value for Money Study

    As a subcontractor, MHI provided the lead consultant and electrical power engineer for an electricity company’s Value for Money Project. The objective of the project was to improve operational efficiency and enhance standards of service to the energy sector. MHI completed a due diligence study of key business processes, established costs for the operation and maintenance of the utility, and developed best practices and cost-efficient processes. These processes were used to benchmark against other transmission system operators and single buyer businesses operating in the region and internationally.
  • Ukraine — Rehabilitation Project

    MHI assisted staff at a hydropower company and the National Dispatch Centre to rehabilitate hydropower plants and modernize the National Dispatch Centre. The procurement process required developing specifications for the AGC/SCADA/EMS control system and preparing the tender documents and evaluations.
  • United Arab Emirates — Al Manhal Pre-Feasibility Study

    MHI performed a pre-feasibility study for the use of piped liquefied propane gas-air/natural gas for a combination of cooking, water heating, and air conditioning load in the Al Manhal development. This study included the preparation of a customer load profile, conceptual design, capital, and operating cost estimates for the proposed system. MHI performed a competitive fuels analysis and electricity displacement analysis to illustrate the potential savings for individual customers, based on the required return for international capital trading.
  • United Arab Emirates — South Shamkha Pre-Feasibility Study

    MHI performed a pre-feasibility study for the use of piped liquefied propane gas-air/natural gas for a combination of cooking, water heating, and air conditioning load in the South Shamkha development. This study included the preparation of a customer load profile, conceptual design, capital, and operating cost estimates for the proposed system. MHI undertook a competitive fuels and electricity displacement analysis to illustrate the potential savings for the government and customers.
  • United Arab Emirates — Transformer Commissioning

    MHI provided commissioning services to oversee the testing and commissioning of 4 132-kV transformer rectifier units. The units were connected as a 48-pulse rectifier delivering 200 kA DC to an aluminium smelter.
  • United Arab Emirates — Update of Standards, Regulations, Framework, and Specifications

    MHI reviewed, benchmarked, and proposed the adoption of codes and standards with international recognition for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. In addition, MHI proposed a new regulatory framework applicable to the liquefied propane gas business chain.
  • United Kingdom — Design of a 900-MW Offshore Wind Farm and a VSC-HVDC Transmission Scheme

    A major European power system equipment vendor contracted MHI to design, verify, and perform system integration studies of the overall wind transmission system off the coast of Germany. As a part of this project, MHI is responsible for the design of the MMC-VSC controls schemes at both the onshore and offshore end to meet dynamic performance, fault ride through, and other grid code requirements. The scope of work includes several phases and involves modelling and simulations using PSCAD/EMTDC, PSS/E, and MATLAB/Simulink.
  • United Kingdom — HVDC Transmission Project

    MHI specialists provided engineering and management services during the commissioning of the Moyle HVDC transmission system during the first 2 years of operations. MHI provided operation and maintenance services, including technology transfer and creation of an operation and maintenance function within the related United Kingdom and Irish utilities.
  • United Kingdom — Insulation Coordination and Transient Studies for a Wind Farm

    The studies included an investigation of temporary and transient overvoltages that can affect the wind farm collector network, as well as the transmission system. The temporary overvoltage study required a detailed representation of the wind units and the collector cable network.
  • United Kingdom — Wind Energy Offshore Power System Analysis

    MHI determined the feasibility of connecting 1,200 MW offshore platforms by means of 220 kV export cables. The studies determined the feasibility of connecting the proposed wind generation to the 400-kV national grid. The overall project included a load flow study, losses study, short circuit study, and transient studies.
  • United States — Back-to-Back DC Project

    MHI assisted a utility company with the construction, factory testing, supervision, commissioning, and operation of their back-to-back HVDC system for interconnecting 2 AC transmission systems for reliability purposes.
  • United States — Back-to-Back HVDC Project

    MHI assisted the client with the studies, construction, factory testing, supervision, commissioning, and operation of their DC back-to-back system for two interties.
  • United States — Belleville Hydroelectric Project

    MHI provided assistance for the commissioning of 2 turbine generator sets at the Belleville generating station. The work required MHI to manage start-up activities of engineers, construction personnel, and technicians to affect the initial operations and testing of 2 21-MW bulb turbines and generators and their auxiliaries.
  • United States — California and New Jersey HVDC Projects

    MHI provided operation and maintenance management services for the operation of the HVDC system in California and the HVDC station in New Jersey. The management services covered all aspects of operating and maintaining both HVDC sites in a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient manner.
  • United States — Clapham Station Static Var Compensator

    MHI assisted a utility company with the project coordination, system studies, and commissioning of their 25-Mvar static var compensator. MHI assisted in developing commissioning procedures, testing of the static var compensator, and reviewing commissioning test results to ensure they aligned with expected results.
  • United States — Energy Management System Support Services

    MHI provided energy management system display building support services to the Fergus Falls Project. MHI designed an energy management system database.
  • United States — Harmonic and Flicker Assessment for Steel Plants

    MHI assessed the possible power quality issues when steel plants were integrated into the utility grid. Before commissioning the plant, the model of the internal distribution network and arc furnace units (AC and/or DC), as well as the VAr compensation equipment (STATCOM or SVC), were implemented in PSCAD/EMTDC. MHI evaluated the impact of the plant under different operating conditions, particularly from the voltage flicker and harmonic distortion level perspective.
  • United States — HVDC Life Extension

    MHI assisted in the preparation of an HVDC Life Extension Report for a non-profit R&D organization. The report was required due to aging HVDC converter stations and transmission lines installations, decreasing knowledge due to retiring engineering and technical staff, and the availability of increasingly advanced technology. MHI assisted in the creation of guidelines describing strategies to extend the life of the HVDC system equipment.
  • United States — Maintenance Resource Management Systems

    MHI assisted the client to fully and effectively implement their maintenance resource management system. MHI provided professional mentoring, guidance, and facilitation services to the plant’s operations and maintenance management organizations.
  • United States — Power System Control and Dispatch

    MHI provided a senior power dispatcher/system operator to a research and investing corporation to provide onsite support services to an energy company.
  • United States — Sub-synchronous Control Interaction Study in a 160-MW Solar Power Plant

    MHI performed a sub-synchronous control interaction (SSCI) study on a 160-MW solar power plant connected to the national electrical grid in Texas. This project investigated the potential SSCI at the solar farm due to interactions of solar inverter controls with resonance conditions in the electrical grid.
  • United States — Switching Surge Study

    MHI performed a switching surge study on the Balta 230 kV station.
  • United States — Tertiary Capacitor Switching Surge Study

    MHI performed a switching surge study on the Chisago 34.5 kV station.
  • Vanuatu — Transaction Advisory Services

    The transaction advisor provided technical, financial, and legal advice and an optimal strategy for achieving a successful tender and finalizing the concession transaction. As a subconsultant, MHI provided operation and maintenance expertise for generation and distribution.
  • Vietnam — Energy Study Tour

    MHI provided specific presentations on both the planning and operation of the integration of a direct current line in an alternating current system.
  • Vietnam — Strategic Environmental Assessment for Sustainable Power Sector Development

    Electricity is growing rapidly in the Greater Mekong sub-region, which will require a major expansion of the power system. According to the power development plans, the total installed capacity of the region is projected to almost double by 2025, mostly driven by large hydro and coal-fired power additions. MHI is responsible for reviewing the strategic environmental assessment.
  • Vietnam — Supporting for Development of Vietnam Wholesale Electricity Market

    As a subconsultant, MHI conducted a technical assistance project to develop the Vietnam Wholesale Electricity Market. MHI is responsible for hydropower scheduling and water valuation.
  • Zambia — Lender’s Engineer for Itezhi-Tezhi Project and Transmission Line Kafue-Livingston Project

    MHI provided overall project management, engineering, and construction supervision in accordance with internationally recognized practices. MHI worked closely with the project implementation unit for all matters related to the physical implementation and financial follow-up of both projects. MHI provided adequate support to the further development of an efficient and effective project implementation unit.
  • Zimbabwe — Electric Utility Technical Assistance Advisory Project

    MHI provided 4 long-term advisors to head the divisions of a state-owned electricity company. These divisions were responsible for system planning, tariff planning, financial planning, and transmission operations and maintenance.
  • Zimbabwe — Live Line Training and Tools

    MHI provided live line tools and a 10-day 400 kV training course for employees.
  • Zimbabwe — Residual Life Extension Training

    MHI provided thermal plant residual life extension training for employees of a state-owned electricity company.