Meet Alex Polishchuk – Network Officer


When Alex Polishchuk began his career as a Telecontrol Technician for Manitoba Hydro in 2006, he saw his opportunity to develop a lasting career in telecommunications. He found his calling at Manitoba Hydro Telecom (MHT), a business unit of MHI, in 2011, and has since become a valuable link between sales and circuit delivery within the organization.

Working behind the scenes in his role as a Network Officer, Alex is responsible for coordinating, maintaining, and supporting network infrastructure – from design, to work package development, and circuit deployment.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?
Seeing the result of a successful project is exciting. I work very closely with our technicians for long periods of time and seeing the final deployment – after all the work – is quite rewarding.
What has been the greatest lesson you’ve learned in your career?
I stay positive even when the project isn’t going my way, as smooth seas don’t make good sailors. In this environment, my managers and colleagues always encourage creativity.
How would you describe working at MHI to a prospective employee?
Working at MHI, you have access to such a diverse group – you’re able to just walk down the hall and ask experts questions about high voltage power lines, if you need to. I’m always learning. 
When I started, I had excellent training and the opportunity to advance my education. With all the growth MHT has seen recently, the possibilities for development and work in the future will be exponential.
What is something that you wish others knew about your industry or area of expertise?
MHT is the only Manitoba-owned and operated carrier-class telecom service provider. We operate alongside the big providers not as competition but as partners. Our major projects use this support to deliver the great customer-oriented, network-neutral, and transparent service that people want.