HVPTs — A Simplified Solution


The idea of replacing traditional substations with modular, more efficient High Voltage Padmount Transformer substations (HVPTs) caught the attention of organizers at the CIDEL Argentina Conference in Buenos Aires, last month. Jordan Ringash, Underground Standards Engineer for Manitoba Hydro, won the top prize for his presentation of this innovative solution.

Throughout Manitoba, HVPTs have been used for over 20 years. To date, Manitoba Hydro and MHI have installed 120 units of HVTPs. According to Matthew de Monye, Project Engineer with MHI, HVPTs provide enough power (capacity up to 20 MVA) and have never experienced an in-service failure.

“By removing all the auxiliary parts – stripping it down – we have a much more reliable transformation tool,” said Matt. “It’s a simplified system, with 20 years of data, and more people and utilities are paying attention.”

These efficient, cost-effective, and self-contained units reduce the environmental carbon footprint of a traditional substation. HVPTs eliminate the need for fencing and overhead transmission. When faced with replacing ageing infrastructure and meeting more substantial power requirements, the HVPT is an attractive alternative to potential customers.

“We’re starting to see a lot of interest outside of Canada, especially where space is a big constraint,” said Matt. “HVPTs offer more power output in a smaller amount of space.”