Hydropower O&M Training in Nepal

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Babar (front) with trainees in Pokhara, Nepal

Last year, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) enlisted MHI to assist their client, Butwal Power Company (BPC), with the development of a hydropower operation and maintenance (O&M) outsourcing business in Nepal. Through this assignment, MHI provided training to strengthen BPC’s O&M capabilities. The IFC has since asked MHI to duplicate the O&M training to the entire hydropower sector in Nepal.
In March, Babar Khan, Senior Advisor — Asset Management at MHI, led a training course for 25 members of the Independent Power Producers Association of Nepal (IPPAN), Nepal Electricity Authority, and IFC’s client from Myanmar. The 3-day workshop took place in Pokhara, Nepal and focused on hydropower O&M.
“Through this workshop, we intended to provide participants with knowledge on hydropower plant O&M best practices,” said Babar. “We introduced the latest technology and presented case studies of operational power plants in Nepal and Canada.”
As part of this training exercise, MHI and IFC staff visited 5 hydropower plants in Nepal to perform a brief diagnostic of the local O&M capabilities.

“Our interviews with hydropower operators and managers allowed us to understand and gauge the general knowledge of participants,” said Babar. “Our goal was to design a training program that addressed the key issues facing the hydropower industry and tailor the training program to keep it interesting and relevant.”
MHI will provide the participants with a 30-day trial of MHI Academy, an online training tool that will help to advance their knowledge and understanding of hydropower O&M further.
“We were able to meet our overall objectives and addressed some of the key issues on health and safety, maintenance programs, and sustainable best practices,” added Babar. “Many trainees were eager to implement the recommended changes to their current O&M programs and to adopt industry standards.”
To learn more, read Babar’s article on hydropower O&M and a brief diagnostic of Nepal’s power industry.