Increasing Efficiency in Barbados

MHI kicked-off a new pole and feeder asset inspection project with Barbados Light & Power Company Limited (BLP), the sole electricity utility provider in Barbados. With this project, BLP aims to centralize data and improve operational efficiencies, productivity, and safety in their field services.

“Working with MHI and adopting technologies like VisualSpection, BLP can provide their workforce with a hands-free, voice-driven inspection solution,” said Adam Vitt, Client Relationship Advisor. “This technology lets BLP do more with less and in a safer way.”

With VisualSpection, BLP will be able to conduct distribution pole and feeder inspections that are compatible with its existing ESRI platform.

“We are excited to work with BLP to create a customized, smart-glass workflow for their distribution pole and feeder inspections,” said Adam. “Working with BLP, we will place business rules in the software to ensure the inspections are carried out in a consistent manner, which includes visual and geospatial cues, commands, and voice-driven data collection.”

Through this project, MHI intends to help BLP improve accountability, enhance safety, and maintain their position as innovators and thought leaders in the energy sector.


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