Dharshana Muthumuni – The Power of Connections

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From working with the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre to leading MHI’s Power Systems Technology Centre (PTC), Dharshana Muthumuni has created a thriving business – one connection at a time. 

How do you deal with technological advancements in the energy industry?

Technology has a short life cycle. We have to be mindful of changes in the industry and keep up with it. For us, we offer so much more than just software. We have an experienced team of engineers to back our activities. Interacting with our clients allows us to stay current – that’s where you get an idea of where you need to go.

Engineering consulting is a large part of your business. How do you stay competitive?

With experts popping up across the world, I think our edge is our highly skilled staff. We have a talented team who work hard and are focused on our clients’ needs. All the people we’ve supported over the years come back, years down the road. It’s easy to get to know people, but the key is to sustain those relationships for the long term. Personal attention does count.

On the software side, you’re launching an updated version of PSCAD™. What can users expect?

With PSCAD V5, we have improved our product to better address industry needs and to meet new requirements of the industry. PSCAD has always been a niche product with limited market and applications. With renewable energy, I see a trend where people will use the software for more day-to-day functions. We’ve made PSCAD more efficient for their applications.

How has the renewable energy industry affected your business? 

The move toward renewable energy has been an exciting shift. It is excellent for the environment, but renewables come with significant technical challenges. They must be resolved before large scale renewables are connected to the grid. We can step in and bridge the gap. People need our software to analyze their systems, and our experts help them with this analysis. The need for our products and services arises from countries or utilities expanding their networks. We are known worldwide for our expertise and for providing exceptional technical services to help our customers in this area.

How do you lead a group of innovators, engineers, and software developers? 

I enjoy trying to keep everyone focused on a common goal. It’s challenging, and that’s what you want. I don’t want people who will say yes to everything – I want people to question, innovate, and implement ideas. I think my role is to put everything into perspective and support innovative ideas that will keep MHI at the top echelon. I work with highly opinionated experts, who all strive to achieve the same vision.