Manitoba Hydro Telecom Expands its Fibre Footprint

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In Winnipeg, Manitoba Hydro Telecom (MHT) has connected its fibre-optic network to the St. James and Omand’s Creek Industrial areas. This expansion increases MHT’s service availability for technology-focused organizations, businesses, and other Internet service providers.   

Serving commercial and wholesale customers across Manitoba, MHT offers Internet access up to 1 Gbps, and wide area Ethernet services across a business-optimized network. Customers of MHT enjoy a scalable service, access to data centres across Winnipeg, and local customer support.

MHT enables more than just an Internet connection; an open model allows customers to purchase additional services, such as a phone or television services, from a variety of other carriers. MHT Internet customers have the freedom and flexibility to choose the services that best suit their needs, regardless of the provider.

Manitoba Hydro Telecom is a business unit of MHI.

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