MHI Kicks-off in Benin

Benin-Team.jpg (59 KB)

MHI team in Benin - from left to right: Fakhry Toumi, Jacques Corbin, Michel Bergamin, Sylvie Patoine, Jacques Paradis, Gérard Zagrodnik, Yves Carpentier, Ghislain Boutin.


MHI has been selected for a four-year management services contract for the Société Béninoise d’Énergie Électrique (SBEE), the national utility primarily responsible for the distribution and commercialization of energy throughout the country. This project is a component of the local Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) funded Compact (MCA-Benin II).

MHI is dedicated to its partnership with SBEE, MCA-Benin II, and the Government of Benin and is committed to the utility’s long-term success.