MHI Awarded 3 Year System Improvement Project for the Saudi Electric Company

MHI has been contracted to assist the Saudi Electric Company (SEC) in improving the performance of its electricity transmission network. The contract awarded to MHI contains six components, each one focused on a specific need of the SEC. The components include system engineering studies; providing full time system operations specialists to assist with the management of operating centres; providing system operations training on site and in Manitoba; and reviewing, updating, creating, and unifying the Operating Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines for the four main operating areas.

SEC is a national electric company generating that transmits and distributes approximately 32,000 MW of electric power, serving all regions of Saudi Arabia. SEC transmits electric power to all areas in the Kingdom through a large number of transmission lines and substations of 380, 230, 132, 115 & 110 kV voltage ratings. The Project is expected to mobilize in early 2010.