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The dcLFL™ (Line Fault Locator) is unique in that it can pinpoint faults on a transmission line to within a kilometre (km) for all types including end-of-the-line faults. Originally developed to locate faults on Manitoba Hydro’s Nelson River HVDC transmission lines, the dcLFL has now been successfully installed in a number of other countries to monitor power lines. Our current installations include: Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, India, and China. We offer the dcLFL as a complete solution including field commissioning, calibration, and training.

System components:

  • PC computer based master stations;

  • GPS timing units;

  • Surge capacitor and wave front detection unit electronics;

  • Fibre optical transmitters and receiver communication systems (DC switchyard to main computer);

  • Optional active detection systems for more complex installations, which include combinations of cable and overhead line segments;

  • Station-to-station communication system.

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