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Our comprehensive augmented reality platform, VisualSpection, increases efficiency and safety while acting as an information aggregator in the field during asset inspections and maintenance. VisualSpection technology is safety-rated and can be used in various facets of the utility sector (such as distribution, transmission, and generation).

This hands-free technology allows you to easily perform activities, such as inspections, training, repairs, installs, maintenance, and troubleshooting. With VisualSpection, all field work is tracked via GPS. All media collected is geotagged, time stamped, and encrypted, all while being hosted through our industrial grade online portal (see below).

MHI’s Online Portal: Work is being collected and tracked in near-real time

VisualSpection allows the end-user to see things otherwise invisible to the naked eye including property lines, new transmission line designs, and culturally sensitive areas. Smart glasses, or heads-up displays, bring these details into a user’s line of sight, without restricting their field of view. In uncontrolled conditions, utility assets can become worn over time due to multiple factors (such as weather, vegetation growth, wildlife, and vandalism).

For asset maintenance, we use augmented reality for situational awareness. VisualSpection overlays augmented reality markers on these assets allowing the field worker to effectively locate these assets to perform their workflow (see below).

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Situational Awareness: AR markers overlaid on transformers

VisualSpection is ideal for working on remote projects, as travelling to job sites is not always possible. The remote assistance solution provides an instant connection by linking remote experts to fieldworkers in a ‘see-what-I-see’ scenario. 


Another major benefit of this technology is the ability to have audio notes transcribed to text, eliminating the need for time-consuming data entry. This feature provides 10-times the productivity to data collection efforts.