Power System Planning & Operation

Our team has extensive experience in power systems planning, and operational studies, using various software tools, such as PSCAD™, PSS/E (licensed by Siemens), DSA Power Tools, ETAP, CYME, Risk A, and more. We offer our services to utilities, consultants, industrial clients, equipment manufactures, and industry leaders. We work closely with owners and operators of utilities, regulators, and research and academic organizations.

We provide engineering services to assist system planners and operators in the following areas:

  • System interconnection studies (HVAC and HVDC), including load flow, stability, and voltage control;
  • Generation (including wind and solar) integration studies;
  • Studies aimed at defining operating guidelines;
  • Black start procedures — studies to support new black start procedures;
  • Tie line transfer limits;
  • Out-of-step relay design;
  • Impact assessment;
  • Fault current limiting and mitigation;
  • Reactive power compensation.