Thermal Rating Analysis

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We conduct full thermal rating analysis on surveyed transmission lines. The analysis uses LiDAR data to create an as-built model of the line wires, structures, and full corridor and terrain in PLS-CADD. With this information, we are able to create a model of the line and conduct high temperature simulations to identify critical clearance issues to ground features, aerial obstacles, and vegetation. This analysis helps our clients understand the problems and limitations faced, and provides better information to make knowledgeable upgrade decisions.

Features of thermal rating analysis are:

  • Feature coding of all collected data;
  • Computer modelling in PLS-CADD to determine actual maximum operating temperature;
  • Experienced utility engineers perform the analysis to client specific criteria and codes including Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and National Electrical Safety Code (NESC);
  • Analysis based on client specified clearances and criteria;
  • Table-based reporting including thermal rating and actual clearance distance for all spans;
  • Innovative techniques for analyzing underbuilt circuits and crossing wires;
  • Creation of plan and profile drawing based on LiDAR collected data;
  • Create sensitivity study to determine most cost effective upgrade limit.