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FACE is a powerful application that predicts the field and corona effects of high voltage transmission lines. The intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) allows users to create transmission line configurations, enter their data, and see the results of the different studies.

Allowing users to easily perform complex environmental tests while designing or upgrading transmission lines, FACE saves time and money, eliminates human error, and requires minimal expertise to set up.

FACE allows utilities, consultants, and researchers to assess audible and electromagnetic environmental effects of transmission lines. FACE uses industry-standard techniques and formulas for calculating the overall corona and field effects of high voltage AC, DC, or AC/DC hybrid transmission lines including:

  • Audible Noise (AN);
  • Corona Loss (CL);
  • Radio Interference (RI);
  • Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF);
  • Ionized Fields, Ion Charges, and Ion Currents.



Software Features

  • Definition of multiple transmission line projects;
  • Editable parameters for every project;
  • Multiple windows allow users to view:
    • A cross-section that includes bundle and ground wire placement;
    • A cross-section that includes subconductor placement;
    • Data for bundles and individual subconductors;
    • Code, simulation results, and error messages;
    • Results of the different studies.
  • Evaluates the lateral profiles of the field and corona effects in a user-selectable manner;
  • Calculates corona loss versus rain rates ranging from 0 to 20 mm/hr;
  • Calculates conductor surface gradients using higher-order successive image method;
  • Allows customizability with measuring height. 

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