Training and professional development, along with strategic human resource management, are crucial for the success of any utility and the sustainability of its development and systems. We have provided specialized training to utilities around the world, and assisted in human resource development and institutional capacity building. Our training models can be adapted to the development of staff, particularly at times of change and significant reorganization.

As part of the training component, we have access to our parent company’s facility, the Manitoba Hydro Technical Training Centre. The training centre is staffed with full-time instructors and equipped with the latest instruments and tools, dedicated to satisfy a full range of training requirements.

All training personnel are gas and electrical trades specialists with a combination of extensive field experience and formal teaching certificates. Derived from internal training resources and the local training and development community, our instructors are selected for their direct operation and technical skills as well as their human resource development experience. These experts bring a combination of varied corporate experience along with a wide range of associated business applications.