Hands-Free Data Collection and Inspection

Used by energy companies around the world, VisualSpection is the only hands-free data collection and inspection tool built specifically for the energy industry. Our award-winning software increases safety, connectivity, productivity, and efficiency by integrating system management, work management, and in-field data collection.

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VisualSpection offers a set of standard features with unique flexibility that can be adjusted to your processes. Whether you are in the field or office, your data can be accessed in near real-time to optimize your team’s performance.

  • Documentation
    Collect photos, videos, voice notes, and template-driven qualitative/quantitative data.

  • GPS Tagging 
    Geo-tag new assets for accurate GIS information. 

  • Live Remote Conferencing 
    Communicate with remote experts from a secure data source.

  • Workflow Management 
    Manage your field workers' processes from the field or the office.

  • Device Management 
    Manage your devices for increased security.

  • User Management 
    Manage your VisualSpection users from an online web portal.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) 
    Visualize your assets through the aid of AR markers.

  • Data Sharing 
    Export your data in multiple consumable formats.

  • Metrics 
    Track user activity for reporting purposes.

  • Cloud-Based Solution 
    Access your data and communicate with your team from anywhere with a secure and encrypted cloud platform.


Industries Served:

  • Construction & Maintenance  
  • Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Nuclear)
  • Architectural & Engineering 
  • Oil & Gas
  • Nuclear

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