Design Services

We offer a complete engineering design package for transmission and distribution lines. Our team of engineers and technologists have completed line designs up to 500 kV to perform:

  • New route selection;
  • Structure family selection studies;
  • Conductor selection studies;
  • Optimized structure spotting;
  • Line modelling;
  • Sag and tension calculations;
  • Complete bill of materials;
  • Construction ready design packages;
  • Onsite engineering support;
  • Structure design and optimization.

We work on projects, as owner’s engineer, developing Request for Proposals (RFP) for engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracts, setting up utility standards, designing, and upgrading transmission and distribution corridors. We use PLS-CADD, PLS-TOWER, and PLS-POLE to design transmission and distribution structures. We work with our clients to incorporate their region-specific standards and codes within the modelling and design process.

We use the built-in material management system within PLS-CADD to compile material lists. Our in-house drafting team creates custom hardware and engineering drawings to issue to construction teams. In addition, we develop RFP documents for the procurement and construction of our designs. Once construction begins, MHI provides construction support, supervision, and inspection with experienced transmission and distribution line engineers, construction supervisors, and power line technicians, to ensure our clients’ assets are built to specification.


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