MHI’s Partnership with Manitoba Hydro’s High Voltage Test Facility

In 2011, Manitoba Hydro opened its state-of-the-art High Voltage Test Facility (HVTF) in Winnipeg. As the newest facility of its kind in Canada, the HVTF was designed to test equipment rated up to 550 kVac and 500 kVdc including insulators and line hardware, apparatus and wall bushings, instrument and power transformers, and more.
Originally built to service Manitoba Hydro’s own needs, the facility can also service customers outside the utility. MHI collaborated with the HVTF to assist in commercializing the specialized testing services. MHI assists the HVTF with all business functions including contract review and negotiation, marketing, administration, and invoicing. 

Since the partnership began in 2015, MHI has contracted customers, such as utilities and equipment manufacturers, from across North America. MHI’s involvement allows the HVTF’s highly skilled staff to focus on testing. In addition, the variety of this commercial work provides development opportunities for the HVTF team.

"To date, the team has celebrated several successes, including welcoming several repeat customers and receiving positive customer feedback about the quality of service received," says Michelle Deniset (Marketing Supervisor, MHI).
Together, MHI and the HVTF are focused on providing excellent customer service and becoming a service provider of choice in the commercial high voltage testing market. The team plans to continue growing the commercial customer base to expand the business, while maintaining a high quality of service. 

Inside the High Voltage Test Facility's main hall