Meet Matthew de Monye, Project Engineer

As a Project Engineer, Matthew is responsible for client management, coordinating projects, and preparing proposals and estimates. Matthew’s project work includes modelling and design, and the analysis of transmission lines utilizing PLS-CADD (a 3D modelling software that allows the user to model complex transmission/distribution lines and analyze structural, electrical, and clearance aspects of transmission line design).

Matthew is heavily involved in preparing engaging marketing materials and external campaigns that promote the innovative services and products of MHI’s Transmission and Distribution Business Unit. In addition, he is the lead engineer on an 80-km, 115-kV transmission line in Manitoba.

Working at MHI for the past seven years, Matthew travelled to Nepal in November 2016 and Malaysia in January 2017 for short-term work assignments. In Nepal, Matthew hiked the Himalayan foothills examining proposed structure locations to determine viability and constructability. In Malaysia, Matthew conducted a training class for eight engineers and technicians, passing on the tools MHI uses to model transmission lines from LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) within PLS-CADD.

What made you want to pursue a career in your industry? 

I wanted to pursue a career as an engineer for a couple of reasons. I always had an affinity towards math and sciences in school, and engineering was what brought the two together for me. Both my father and grandfather were engineers. I spent my entire childhood watching them work on big and interesting projects that they enjoyed, and I wanted that in my life.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

I’m interested in connecting with people from various companies, cultures, and different lifestyles. I really enjoy working together to form a solution to their issues or problems.

What has been your lesson learned in your career so far and why?

The greatest lesson that I have learned in my career is to seek advice when you need to. No one expects you know everything. Sometimes, knowing that you don’t have the complete answer but being able to find someone who does, is better than giving an imperfect answer.

How would you describe working at MHI to a prospective employee?

I would describe MHI as the best of what a crown corporation and a private business have to offer. Participating in typical utility-type work while not being constrained by geography, allows you to grow and dream big.