Meet Bathiya Jayasekara, Manager of System Studies

As the Manager of System Studies, Bathiya is responsible for the expansion of engineering services at MHI as well as building knowledge and capabilities within his team. Since beginning his career at MHI in 2010, he has travelled to 20 countries to complete various international assignments including the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Chile. Bathiya’s role involves building relationships with clients and industrial partners while providing innovative solutions to improve electric power transmission.

What is the most interesting or exciting aspect of your job?

The opportunity to be involved in diverse projects while working with various people from around the world is the most exciting part of my job. These projects help me to develop not only my technical skills, but also my communication, social, and leadership skills.   

What has been your greatest lesson learned in your career so far and why?

The biggest lesson I have learned is the importance of effective communication, and building a professional and healthy rapport with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

How would you describe working at MHI to a prospective employee?

MHI offers unique work experiences to staff, and is well recognized and respected around the world. Working at MHI enables you to learn from various international industry experts. We are able to see how power industry professionals in different parts of the world handle technical, social, political, and geographical challenges and opportunities.

What is something that you wish others knew about your industry or area of expertise?

A career in the power industry offers endless possibilities, not just technical knowledge. Working in transmission planning is not limited to desktop study work — it involves building relationships with clients and other industrial partners, making new friends, and finding innovative solutions to deliver reliable electricity to people around the world.


Bathiya in London, United Kingdom​