Energy Edge — Cutting-Edge Tech

Whether it’s a hospital looking to streamline its power consumption, a logistics company trying to cut overhead, or a public zoo aiming to reduce its environmental footprint, access to real-time energy metrics and analysis is the way of the future. 

Around the province, over 1,000 commercial customers are using Energy Edge, a versatile and highly customizable energy monitoring platform. 

In 2012, Manitoba Hydro enlisted MHI to build a new, secure platform for EnerTrend – an energy profiling tool for large industrial and commercial operations. During this project, Mark Kulchycki, Development Manager at MHI, saw the potential for commercialization. Working with a team of MHI experts, Energy Edge was born. 

“There are a lot of industrial products out there today, but they’re costly and quite difficult to use,” says Mark. “What makes Energy Edge stand out is its accessibility and the ability to easily present the data, not only to engineers but shareholders, accountants, and the public.”  

The next stage in development for Energy Edge is integration into other MHI solutions, namely wearable technology and augmented reality platforms like VisualSpection. Mark explains how creating a more centralized platform will help in the development of predictive analytics and data modelling.

“We’re moving towards AI [Artificial Intelligence]. Looking at patterns in the data, we can already see how these systems will become more automated. Ultimately, Energy Edge will become fully integrated into our other product lines and become another tool in itself,” adds Mark.