MHI Providing Consulting for Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Ltd (UETCL) Value for Money Project in Uganda

As a subcontractor to Ernst and Young, MHI is providing the Lead Consultant and Electrical Power Engineer for the UETCL Value for Money Project. The objective of the project is to improve operational efficiency and enhance standards of service to the energy sector based on benchmarks and best practices of a comparable and related single buyer business and transmission system operator (TSO). The consultant team is carrying out a due diligence study of UETCL’s key business processes, establishing costs for the operations and maintenance of the utility, and developing best practices and cost efficient processes. These will be used to benchmark against other TSOs and Single Buyer businesses operating in the region and internationally. Some specific study tasks currently underway include an evaluation of the extent to which current operations of the company fit into its strategic objectives; determination of the optimal mix of processes and operations that meet the objectives of the corporate business plan and a framework for translating the CBP into a working implementation plan; and proposition of benchmarks for the next 5 years.