MHI Contracted to Evaluate the Two Inga Hydroelectric Plants in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

MHI, in association with SOFRECO, has been contracted by the Société Nationale d'Electricité, (SNEL) to evaluate the operation and maintenance (O&M) of the Inga hydroelectric plants 1 and 2. MHI will evaluate the current management of the O&M department in order to identify opportunities for improvement. MHI will then implement new processes and procedures to support these improvements and provide training to maintenance staff at the Inga facilities; this will ensure standardized operation and maintenance practices so as to sustain the gains resulting from rehabilitation works of the facilities. MHI will also define the nature and costs of the newly implemented O&M procedures at the Inga plants, as well as define and evaluate the institutional options for operations and maintenance.

The project is expected to commence in June of 2012.