Meet Shahid Mohammad, Director of Operations — Middle East

Stationed in Saudi Arabia, Shahid Mohammad (Director of Operations — Middle East) works as a liaison to clients, engages in business development in the region, and manages MHI’s Saudi Arabia Branch Office. 

Shahid began his career with MHI over 10 years ago. Since then, he has worked in:

  • Kenya — Chief Operating Officer — Kenya Power & Lighting — Turn-around Management Contract; 
  • Liberia — Chief Executive Officer — Liberia Electricity Corporation Management Services Contract;
  • Nigeria — Managing Director (TSP) — Management Contract for the Transmission Company of Nigeria.

“My fondest memory of working with MHI was bringing electricity to millions of Liberians after 20 years of devastation caused by the civil war.” said Shahid. “However, you don’t achieve anything single-handedly, as these successes come with teamwork.”

Shahid says he has gained professional satisfaction as well as personal accomplishments and growth while working around the world. 

“Working for MHI has given me the opportunity to contribute to the betterment of communities around the world,” said Shahid. “I have also been able to travel and explore the world’s best safari parks in Africa.”

Shahid (third from left) with staff from the Transmission Company of Nigeria.