Meet Catrina Stephen, Project Technologist

Catrina Stephen is a Project Technologist for W.I.R.E. Services (WIRE), a business unit of MHI. Since joining WIRE in 2011, Catrina’s primary role is feature coding and modelling LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) points. In addition, she compiles the weather data and line loading information collected at the same time as the flight for the line used to run the Batch Thermal Reports. 

What has been a career highlight for you since joining MHI? 

I was able to travel to Gillam, Manitoba in a Cessna airplane 50 feet above the Bipole lines, and a few other lines that run between Gillam, The Pas, and Thompson. I collected data and imagery for one week to use for line inspections as well as to test WIRE’s new PhoDAR technology.

What have you gained professionally from working at MHI?

I have gained a one of a kind experience and training in PLS-CADD as well as received my designation as a Certified Engineering Technologist (CET) while working for WIRE. I am currently the only technologist working at WIRE with a CET designation. I would say that is my greatest career achievement.

What have you gained personally from working for MHI?

MHI has a great understanding of work life balance. MHI offers a health and fitness subsidy and a 9-day work cycle. With these benefits, I have found the time to get into great shape and participated in several charity runs. There is a great sense of camaraderie at the office, and I have made some of my best memories at MHI events. WIRE has been my longest job, and I think that’s due to the great work-life balance that is promoted at MHI.

How would you describe your time at MHI to a prospective employee or contractor?

MHI is a subsidiary of a large corporation, but it feels like a small business. Everyone is very friendly and we have some of the best benefits of any company that I have worked for.

Catrina on a trip to Gillam, Manitoba