Meet Doug Dyck, Technical Support Specialist

Doug Dyck is a Technical Support Specialist (Interrupting Equipment Group) at Manitoba Hydro. As the section head, he works with circuit breakers, circuit switchers, and gas insulated switchgear (GIS) throughout the Apparatus Maintenance Division.

During his 31-year career at Manitoba Hydro, Doug participated in a 15-month assignment with MHI, working in Saudi Arabia (for 12 months) and MHI’s head office in Winnipeg (for 3 months). He was seconded from Manitoba Hydro to work on an assignment with the Saudi Electricity Company’s (SEC) System Improvement Project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (from Jan. to Dec. 2013).

What was your role on the project in Saudi Arabia?
I was seconded from Manitoba Hydro to work in Saudi Arabia as a circuit breaker and GIS maintenance specialist with SEC’s substation maintenance technical support department. It was interesting to see another utility facing the same challenges that Manitoba Hydro does, such as budgeting, manpower planning, and equipment repair or replace decisions. 
How have you benefited from working at MHI?
I found my involvement with this assignment to be rewarding, as I was able to apply the knowledge acquired from my work experience at Manitoba Hydro. The projects that I worked on in Saudi were directly related to my work in Manitoba. I also gained a new appreciation for the work experience that I have acquired throughout my career.
How would you describe your time at MHI to a prospective employee or contractor?
I had a positive experience working with the team of professionals at MHI and in Saudi. Living and working outside of Canada in a different culture was challenging but a rewarding experience. I was seconded from Manitoba Hydro so my benefits and compensation remained the same with all travel expenses paid.
What is your fondest memory of working for MHI?
Working with a team of professionals that have a common goal of making improvements and progress with the project was quite enjoyable. I also met new people and developed friendships with co-workers at SEC as well as the MHI team.