Q&A with MHI's Technical Recruitment Officer

MHI offers many exciting project opportunities for Manitoba Hydro employees and retirees, and utility professionals around the world. We interviewed Dan Shiels, MHI’s Technical Recruitment Officer, to learn more about MHI’s employment opportunities, recruitment process, and the benefits of working with MHI.

How can someone get involved in an MHI project?

Getting involved with MHI starts with the submission of a curriculum vitae (CV) for all potential staff. A project normally starts with a request for proposal, and there is a very short timeframe to prepare and submit the proposal. MHI depends on having qualified CVs in its database to meet these tight timelines. Submitting a CV does not commit the potential staff to a project but does guarantee that they will be included in all searches. 

What are some of the benefits of working on MHI projects?

There are numerous benefits of working on an MHI project. Participants can evolve professionally and personally, and acquire additional international work experience. With this experience, participants have the opportunity to gain a fresh outlook and perspective that they can use in their current position or for future endeavours. Participating in MHI projects provides staff with the opportunity to work in exotic locations, make a significant difference in the developing world, and put their professional skills to good use.

What are the durations of MHI assignments?

MHI offers local and international assignments that vary in duration and level of effort. The work may include a short one or two-week assignment providing home office support. These types of assignments do not involve travel but can still be used to build international experience. Many assignments will include short duration trips to the project site for up to one month and some require full-time relocation to a different part of the world. Each assignment is different based on the client’s needs. 

What countries does MHI work in?

MHI has active projects in 33 countries including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nepal, Chile, Mozambique, Australia, the United States, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia, and Liberia. MHI is continually pursuing opportunities around the world. 

For more information, contact recruitment@mhi.ca