Meet Juan José Aveiro, General Manager - Paraguay Branch

As the General Manager of MHI’s Branch Office in Paraguay, Juan José Aveiro coordinates and monitors all business development, sales, projects, branch operations, and personnel development activities. 

MHI entered into an agreement with the Itaipu Paraguay Technological Park (PTI) to establish a local branch office in March 2016. The local office enables MHI to pursue projects in Paraguay and Latin America on an ongoing basis. Juan José played an integral role in facilitating the process to obtain this agreement. 

“I have gained more experience in the facilitation of agreements and learned the importance of establishing a good working relationship with key clients, which made the MHI office in Paraguay more visible,” says Juan José.

Juan José has been involved in the following projects:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the Acaray Hydroelectric Plant in Paraguay;
  • Technical and economic feasibility of two proposals of the Yguazu Hidroelectric Plant construction project in Paraguay;
  • Energy master plan for Paraguay;
  • High Voltage Padmount Transformers (HVPT) in Paraguay;
  • Supervisor of the project losses recovery in services by the National Company of Electric Energy for the implementation of the distribution component and financial flow in Honduras;
  • Several other projects in South America, Latin America, and the Caribbean.


Working for MHI for over 4 years, Juan José has learned the importance of teamwork and building trust.

“Working at MHI has taught me the importance of building trust with clients, which establishes a positive working relationship,” says Juan José. “I have learned that teamwork is very important to be successful in any project.”

From left to right (Paraguay office team): Juan José Aveiro, lvo Benitez, and Edison Smith at Yguazu Dam.